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January 12, 1989

January 12, 1989 (no MP3 available)

I can still see your face
On that train in New York City
We were there once
Grand Central to the track
That took us slowly back
To Carter’s house
Just you and me

Those times seem
So long ago

Trying hard not to freeze
Intrepid tourists on the 12th I believe
My mother’s birthday
We called from the ship
I cried
God I felt torn up inside
You escorted me
To a sacred place

Those times seem
So long ago

So don’t ask
Why it happened
Why it had
To turn out this way
I don’t know
Why things end
The way they do
I just know
Things always end
Like the best laid plans
Of soldiers and friends

I still have that photograph
Of the four of us at Puglia
Drinking wine
While Spanish Elvis sang
We made costumes from napkins
In New York City
Isn’t it a pity
Isn’t it a shame

Those times seem
So long ago

Copyright Kent Newsome
All Rights Reserved

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