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Kent’s Songs A-Z – Anywhere Without You


This week’s song is Anywhere Without You. Here’s the MP3:

I started this one back around 1988 or so. It was originally called “610 Serenade.” In the summer of 1984, I lived in a high-rise condo (marked above with an arrow) right beside Interstate 610 in the Galleria area of Houston. My then girlfriend and I used to sit out on the porch after work, drink beer and watch the cars pass by on 610. Later, when I moved back to Houston, I’d think about that every time I drove by on 610, and wonder if there was anyone up on that porch watching me as I drove by.

I was playing and writing rarely in the late eighties, so this one stayed in a box half-finished until Ronnie Jeffrey and I finished it up a few years ago. We changed the title to make it more accessible to people who don’t know what or where 610 is.

The big black building accross the street (to the left and just below my old building) is the Transco Tower.

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