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Kent’s Songs A-Z – Missouri City

This week’s song is Missouri City. It’s a country rock number I co-wrote with Ronnie Jeffrey. You can hear the MP3: Missouri City is a town southwest of Houston. I came up with the “show me kind of town” line first and went from there. This song was recorded and commercially released by Angela Peterson.

Kent’s Songs A-Z – Leechville

This week’s song is Leechville. It’s a bossa nova number I co-wrote with Ronnie Jeffrey. You can hear the MP3: I wrote this one after reading the book Liar’s Club. The town in that book is actually called Leechfield, but when I wrote the title, I misrembered and called it Leechville. This is, so far, […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – Kinney’s Song

This week’s song is Kinney’s Song, a song I co-wrote with Ronnie Jeffrey. You can hear the MP3: It’s part of a Friendship Trilogy I wrote a few years ago about 3 old friends I grew up with. The other two are Mustangs and Sandhill Pines. Kinney has occasional business in Houston and so we […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – Jack’s Blues

This week’s song is Jack’s Blues, a hard rocker I co-wrote with Bob Clay. Here’s the MP3: I had a good friend named Jack for a long time. We had a bit of a falling out and the beginnings of this song were written as I worked through the various emotions (anger, grief, etc.) involved in […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – 3 for 1

I knew when we got to the “I’s” I was going to have trouble picking out the A-Z song. So we’re going to have a musical happy hour, 3 for 1. I Know Better Now is a Byrds-influenced country rocker that Ronnie Jeffrey and I wrote several years ago. The meaning of the song is […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – Hello Sooty

This week’s song is a no brainer. Hello Sooty is one of my favorite songs, mostly because of its subject matter. Here’s the MP3: Sooty was a guinea pig from the UK who escaped from his cage one night and tunnelled, one by one, into the nearby cages of 24 female guinea pigs. The result: […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – George Cue

This week’s song is George Cue. Here’s the MP3: One of the great things about songwriting is that you can write tributes to people you like (and, actually, even people you don’t like for that matter, but that’s for another day). I’ve written quite a few songs as a tribute to people or places that […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – Faithlessness

This week’s song is Faithlessness. Here’s the MP3: This is the first song I co-wrote with my friend Toby Darling. Years ago during the dawn of the “world wide web” I used to read a journal (the nineties version of a blog) by a girl named Faith. Her journal was called Faithlessness. I started thinking about […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – Eleven Zeros

Well it seems I only have two songs that begin with e, and the lucky winner is Eleven Zeros. Here’s the MP3: This is a really old one that Ronnie and I co-wrote many years ago. It has a neat folk blues vibe that I like a lot. Here’s all I can remember about this one: […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – Dreams of McKenzie

This week’s song is Dreams of McKenzie. Here’s the MP3: How much I like songs I wrote or co-wrote more than 3 months ago is an ever-changing thing with no pattern that I can discern. For example when Ronnie and I first wrote The Voice of the Howling, I liked it, but I didn’t love it. […]

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