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Kent’s Songs A-Z – Your Turn to Fall

I don’t have any songs that start with X or Z so we’re going to finish our trip through the alphabet with Your Turn to Fall. I co-wrote it with Ronnie Jeffrey. Listen the the MP3: Since this is the last installment of the series, let’s get into some detail about this one. The central […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – Two-Fer-One

We’re on the homestretch with only W and Y to go (I have no songs that start with X or Z). I’m going to do a two-fer for the W’s. The first one is When You’re Sitting at the Bar. I co-wrote it with Ronnie Jeffrey. Listen the the MP3: The idea for this song […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – Virgil and the Beancat

I don’t have a single song that begins with U so on to the one song I have that begins with V. This week’s song is Virgil and the Beancat. I co-wrote it with Rick Paul. Listen the the MP3: This is a song about our old and beloved pets, Virgil (the dog) and Beanie […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – The Leaving Kind

This week’s song is The Leaving Kind. I co-wrote it with Frank Calvagna. The demo quality is not great, but the music and Frank’s vocals are wonderful. Frank and I have co-written 5-6 songs and he never fails to take what I come up with and make it a lot better. Like a lot of […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – Straight into Goodbye

This week’s song is easy. Straight into Goodbye, another one I co-wrote with Ronnie Jeffrey, is one of the rockingest (perhaps I just created a word) songs I have ever done. Listen to the MP3: The first two lines of the Chorus came to me first. The the first verse followed almost immediately. As with most […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – Raccoons and Foxes

This week’s song is Raccoons and Foxes. You can hear the MP3: This is one that I co-wrote with Ronnie Jeffrey shortly after my mom’s death in 1998. In fact, I wrote the words at my mom’s empty house a couple of days after her funeral. I wrote both the words and music to My […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – Queen of the Blue Ridge (1979)

This week’s song is Queen of the Blue Ridge (1979). You can hear the MP3: It’s a southern rock song I wrote with Ronnie Jeffrey. It’s more or less a true story about a girl I met in Boone, NC while in college (while we went to Blowing Rock, we didn’t actually meet there). After […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – Pescadero Fair

Let’s do a twofer this week. The next song is Pescadero Fair. It’s an acoustic slightly funky rock song I co-wrote with Ronnie Jeffrey. You can hear the MP3: I happened across a newspaper article one day about the Pescadero, California fair. For some reason this song popped into my head. I’ve never been to […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – (The) Only Girl in Town

This week’s song is The Only Girl in Town. Listen to the MP3: I co-wrote this one with my friend Bob Clay. When I started writing the song, the idea was to title the song “The Only Girl in Town” (which, of course, we did) but use the emphasized not in the chorus to mean that […]

Kent’s Songs A-Z – No Good for Me

This week’s song is No Good for Me. It was an easy choice, since it’s the only song I’ve ever written that starts with an N. It’s a mellow, rock/pop number I co-wrote with Ronnie Jeffrey. You can hear the MP3: If you enjoy music, there’s a lot more music related content at Newsome.Org.

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